Welcome. How to Navigate.

Welcome to my blog about Korean Cooking. There are many websites out there about Korean recipes that have a wide variety of information. Although, in the recipes I do share I want to do show you step by step pictures and a detailed explanation in a way not often found on other sites, by purpose is not to compete with them. They provide Korean recipes as you would any other recipe from any other cuisine. My purpose is to show people how to eat happily, healthy, and scrumptiously by making Korea food a lifestyle, and everyday experience.

Above you will find some pages to help you understand better.

Click on All recipes to see a list of all the recipes on the site.

Under the My Story tab you will find my story and my motivation for making the site.

Cooking Ingredients will guide you in what items to purchase and how to full up your Korean food cupboard.

The Banchan Plan explains what it means to eat Korean everyday and a detailed way to get started.

Under the Banchan Recipes page, you will find recipes posted in order, much the same way they will show up below.

You can search for them on the side, or browse various categories to specify your search.

Questions? Have something you want me to cook and show you? Comment here or on any post. I will reply as soon as I can!

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6 thoughts on “Welcome. How to Navigate.

  1. Can u make the seaweed banchan? The really green sakes weed they use in Japanese places? It tastes like judy vinegar. Sugar n sesame oil but never tastes like when I have it at restaurants.

  2. I’d like to start by saying I LOVE the banchan plan. My husband is korean but was adopted as a child. He has some contact with his birth family and loves the korean diet, but he doesn’t have a clue as how to go about cooking it. Your banchan plan made perfect sense to me and I’m excited to try to make the switch for my husband and our little daughter!

    I have two questions and a suggestion:

    Q1: My 15 mo old daughter will eat pretty much anything, but I’m worried about the spice and texture of banchan. What’s the easiest way to find non-spicy easier-to-chew banchan recipes?

    Q2: We live in Minnesota and it can be hard to find Korean ingredients, like doenjang paste. Do you know of a good online place I can order it from without breaking the bank?

    S1: Switch your wordpress to show just a summary of your posts instead of the whole post. That way we don’t have to scroll through entire posts to find the recipes we’re looking for. If you want help doing this I’m a web designer and I’d be happy to walk you through it. No charge or anything, it’s really simple 😉

    • Glad you read the site. Hopefully in the near future, I will be able to update more often. Perhaps I need a change of jobs! 🙂

      These are great questions, one I can help with…the other I need to consult my wife for some research assistance.

      Q1: When I lived in Korea I worked in a Kindergarten part time. One of the perks was a free lunch. The table was usually set with many tasty items, but most not spicy. (Occasionally the cook would bring in “real” food for us covered in red pepper paste and spicy goodness). There were lots of eggs products, salted-not-spiced vegetable banchan, and simple soups. Even the kimchi was fresh (not very fermented) with only a little red-pepper paste. I’m not sure how to find these recipes however. This one I will get some assistance with.

      Q2: Try hmart.com. They have very competitive prices (they are a powerhouse here in the northeast, the northwest, and in parts of the south with Wal-mart sized Korean grocery stores.) and they will ship to MN for $10.95 for orders up to $120. However, you won’t be able to get refrigerated products. You can compare prices with koamart.com, but they don’t seem to have as competitive shipping.

      S1: I would like to switch to show the summary, if a picture can be part of the summary. The main problem is that since I have the “free version” of wordpress, I don’t have access to any CCS scripts or any direct control of the layout except from the design choices. I wonder if it still can be done?

      All the best! 🙂
      Feel free to ask any questions.

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